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It Starts with you.

Welcome to the J & A Consulting LLC. Your job is to post daily and show people the importance of having good credit to bring in clients and make sales by peaking interest on social media platforms. We recommend you post 3 post a day, 5 times a week. Following up with your leads are going to be VERY important! Pay period is Monday - Sunday & ends midnight.


You will receive 20% of every sale (total invoice) for every client you close or refer for the team to close. If you close a client on the monthly plan you get a flat rate of $50 dollars one time payment. You can decide to get paid with payroll (ADP) or through zelle. You will be added to our sales team sales channel to help you grow and give you ideas on what to post! When hired you will also get your own portal to track all your clients you sent to the company. We will host sales trainings once a week! Excited to have you! MAKING MONEY SHOULD BE EASY!! EVERYONE HAS BAD CREDIT!!

Tell us about Yourself.

We use this information to see if your a good match.

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